Costumes for Humans & Puppets,
Costume-Props & Puppets

Costumes for puppets, creatures and puppet costumes, well yes it sounds a bit niche but it’s what Hellysthreads has been all about for many years. If you need your child actor dressed as a hedgehog, tiny animation puppet dressed as a geisha girl or a cast of shell people and creatures then contact Hellysthreads.

If your production is in film, theatre, television, advertising or art, our experience from four years traditional men’s bespoke tailoring at Harrods, running the wardrobe department at Spitting Image and running our own company workshop, means that Hellysthreads can deliver what you need.

Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your project. At Hellysthreads we believe the most successful projects come from a good relationship between maker and client with good dialogue and communication. Clients can be in on the creative process as much as they want to be. We can host production meetings at our workshop, to make sure everyone is happy and confident throughout the process, or we can collaborate digitally.